Unlocking young people’s potential through Travel to Learn

YHA Australia has been providing curious travellers with low-cost, quality accommodation for more than 80 years, so we know first-hand the transformative power of travel. Our foundation, YHA Travel to Learn, empowers young people to unlock their potential through travel experiences and employment opportunities that would otherwise be out of their reach. By removing the financial, geographic or logistical barriers they face, we can not only help young people explore the world but also find their place within it.

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Transforming lives through travel

Travel has the power to transform lives, but not everyone can take the first step on their own. Research from The Smith Family indicates that 4 in 10 parents think their children will miss out on educational activities outside of school, and 1 in 3 think their children will miss out on school excursions due to financial stress.

In missing out on these experiences, young people could lose the opportunity to develop the crucial life skills that travel provides, like maturity, independence and resilience, and the tools with which to thrive and contribute to society.

Whether it’s a young person who’s never left their hometown in remote Australia, a parent struggling to cover the costs of their child’s excursion or a school-leaver seeking their first role in hospitality, YHA Travel to Learn is here to help. By supporting their first step, we can set young people on a lifelong journey of self-discovery with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

“When I worked for YHA we opened new and larger YHA properties which were suitable for groups especially during the quieter months in term time. We noticed that schools from more affluent areas were well represented whilst those from many other areas were missing. The reason being that some parents were not able to fund the school trip and the result was nobody from that class or school travelled. The opportunity for a school trip is an important milestone as is often the first time away from family for a young person as well as being educational and a whole lot of fun. The idea of YHA Travel to Learn as a separate charity was born and it is great to see it now coming to fruition.”

Testimonial from former YHA Australia CEO, Julian Ledger

Make a donation

Make a donation

Your donation can help a young person participate in a life-changing travel experience by covering travel and meal expenses, accommodation, or the cost of education and social development activities. In making this experience possible, you’ll be expanding their horizons, contributing to their sense of identity and helping them find their place in the world. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Become a Travel to Learn Champion

Travel to Learn Champions

By becoming a Travel to Learn Champion, you’ll join a special group of supporters who make a single annual donation of $500 or more to facilitate the work of the foundation. Your support will open doors for young people to embark on exciting, fulfilling experiences and career opportunities by assisting with transport and travel costs, accommodation, education fees, and other expenses.

Leave a gift in your will

Gift in will

Leaving a gift in your will for YHA Travel to Learn means you’re not just helping the travellers of today – you’re helping the travellers of tomorrow as well. A gift in your will is a meaningful way to pass on your own love of travel to the next generation and enrich the lives of young people through exploring new places, making connections and opening their minds.

Corporate partnership

We’re seeking like-minded corporate partners who can help us create purposeful change for young people across Australia, by supporting travel experiences and employment opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. In partnering with YHA Australia, you’ll be working with a for-purpose, membership-based organisation that’s been supporting travellers for more than 80 years.

Need our help?

We work with not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises around Australia who are focused on making life better for young people. If your organisation is seeking funding for an upcoming initiative that aligns with the goals of the YHA Travel to Learn Foundation, we’d love to hear more and see how we can support your team.


YHA Australia is a proud member of Hostelling International – a network of more than 3,000 hostels across 59 countries that share the mission of making travel more sustainable & accessible.


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